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Tips for Families Traveling with Children in Mexico

We often receive emails asking questions about practical matters that relate to families traveling with children in Mexico. Therefore this article connects you to resources within the Lomas Travel Group to help prepare for your upcoming visit to Mexico with children.

Families Traveling with Children in Mexico

Children of all ages are welcome in Mexico.  From around six years and up kids are more likely to benefit from a tour. Meanwhile, if you’re planning to take a restful holiday at a beach in Mexico, you’ll find specialty hotels that pull out all the stops for families traveling with children in Mexico. Baby-sitting facilities, day-care centers for toddlers and daily activities and games are often laid on too.

Protecting children from excessive sun and heat

The impact of Mexico’s sun, especially in exposed areas like archaeological parks (pyramids) and beach locations, cannot be over-emphasized. Even on cloudy days, UV rays penetrate the clouds and will burn you and your children. Therefore it is essential that your children have adequate protection.  Essentially, high-factor sunblock and hats and sunglasses are must-use items during the peak sunshine months. We stock a range of sun creams and after-sun lotions including soothing Aloe gels. You can find these items at our hotel gift stores or on-site at our attractions like Maroma Adventures and Hubiku cenote.

Families Traveling with Children in Mexico

Hubiku cenote in Valladolid, Yucatan

Baby and Toddler Gear

The usual basket of necessities for young children (e.g. clean wipes, moisturizing creams, baby milk, etc.) is readily available at pharmacies and supermarkets across Mexico. However, what if all your baby care needs could be available without having to weigh your bags down with supplies for your trip? And what about having a stroller and baby monitor available in your room?

Families Traveling with children in Mexico

Innovative activities for kids at Generations Riviera Maya

Grupo Lomas Travel´s range of hotels offer the ideal solution to enable you to pamper your children while pampering yourself. Our Gourmet Inclusive® by Karisma Experience provides baby amenities that go way beyond expectations.  These amenities at Generations Riviera Maya include:

• Cribs
• Strollers
• Pack n’ Plays
• Bottle warmers
• Baby bottle sterilizers
• Baby food
• Bath monitors
• Baby changing tables with bathtubs
• Baby bathrobes

Special dietary requirements

If one or more of your children or family group suffer from food allergies or have a special diet then you should consult with a Grupo Lomas travel representative prior to making travel arrangements.  Otherwise, it can be nerve-racking to show up to your hotel and hope that the establishment can cater to your needs.

A resort that specializes in custom catering is The El Dorado Royale, operated by Karisma Hotels and Resorts. All food and beverage staff are trained to help you with any type of common food allergy, intolerance, or special dietary requirements.

For example, perhaps one of your children is allergic to iodine that is in shellfish such as shrimp, lobster, crab, etc. Upon arrival, your concierge will ask if anyone in your party has allergies. The concierge will make any necessary notes of allergies in their computer system.  Besides that, they will personally speak to the restaurant manager/chefs. In conclusion, All Dorado Resorts and Karisma Resorts in the Riviera Maya are happy to customize their menus to meet your needs.

To speak to a Grupo Lomas travel booking representative by phone contact: 1-888-796-3976

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