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Grupo Lomas Receives the ESR® Award for Third Consecutive Year

* The ESR® Award recognizes 40 years commitment to social, environmental and corporate governance issues.
* Lomas Travel Group generates around 3,000 jobs.

For a third consecutive year, Grupo Lomas will receive the Distinction of Social Responsiblity Award (ESR® 2020 Award).  This award is given by the Center Mexicano de Filantropía (Cemefi) and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility for Mexico (AliaRSE).

Lomas Travel Group is Mexico´s leading company in the tourism industry in the Mexican Caribbean with 40 years of operations. This important recognition has been earned for the company´s permanent commitment to achieving continuous improvement in Mexico. Moreover, its solid performance in social, environmental and corporate governance issues allow the company to contribute towards the common good of the community. This distinction does not include a rating or a place on a list. Most importantly however, it recognizes corporate good practices and companies that have a positive impact on society.

20 Business Units, over 3000 employees

Lomas Travel Group is a company that believes in generating value as well as improving the quality of life of Mexican families.  The Group is owned by Mrs. Dolores López Lira and José Luis Martínez. Lomas Travel Group generates around 3,000 direct jobs in Mexico. The company´s employees receive important benefits. For example, school scholarships for their children, medical insurance, as well as transportation to and from work. The company currently owns an impressive 20 business units. These include a travel agency, transportation business, beach club and hotels, for instance. The enterprise chiefly operates in the Riviera Maya and Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California.

Social Responsibility at the heart of Grupo Lomas

The ESR® 2020 Award adds immense value to the brand because it demonstrates our core values to our employees, customers, authorities and society in general. Secondly, and most importantly, our voluntary and public commitment to social responsibility is integral to our management culture and business strategy. Consequently, Grupo Lomas is part of the annual Top 100 of Super Companies published by Expansión Magazine.

ESR® Award

Finally, the award ceremony for this ESR® 2020 Award will take place from May 12 to 14th. This event is an integral part of the framework of the XIV Latin American Meeting of Socially Responsible Companies.


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