Come to Mexico for Carnival Season this February!

Cancun´s Gold Carnival marks the entity´s 50th anniversary. Hugo Álvarez, director of municipal culture of Benito Juárez, new troupe categories and awards have been introduced for this year´s event. For example, the “kings of people with disabilities” category has been added to  make the event more inclusive.

This year´s “Carnaval” season in Mexico begins on 25th February.  Typically, carnival season begins 45 days before Easter.  These colourful festivals of “earthly pleasures” take place over 5 days and nights. And here in Mexico, we invite to you to become a part of it.

Firstly, in Mexico we take partying seriously. Our celebrations are full of colour and rhythm. The idea is to firstly burn away the bad mood and worries to ashes and then dance all night long.  Even though the fiesta spirit is widely popular throughout Mexico, not all cities make a buzz for this celebration however.  Therefore if you plan to enjoy our “earthly pleasures”, follow these recommendations to find the best destinations. That way you will be sure to find the most dazzling parades and get to take part in a huge cultural celebration.

Carnival in Mexico

Carnival in Mexico City


Tlaxcala Carnival

Parades with colourful costumes, masks, floats, folk dance troupes, and music. If you want colonial culture, the lavish celebration in the city of Tlaxcala is the city to visit. Don’t forget your camera and take with you great memories of this colonial destination.

Carnival in Tlaxcala

Carnival in Tlaxcala




Unlimited party at which may be the oldest carnival celebration in Mexico. The party kicks off by burning a “ragged doll that resembles a pirate. Be ready for folk dances that include the unique “Dance of the head of the Pig.” Furthermore, the procession is spectacularly decorated with ingenuity and music.

Carnival in Campeche

Carnival in Campeche




Merida is a classical city, perfect for the whole family. The carnival at the capital city of Yucatan state starts by getting rid of the bad mood. Then the night sky is painted with a fireworks display. Besides this, you should participate in the battle of flowers where you get to throw flowers at each other. Finally, you should watch the vibrant parade and dance mambo, cumbia and salsa.

Carnival in Merida

Carnival in Merida




The best carnival celebration in the Caribbean is surrounded by an unparalleled landscape.  This celebration is lived through costumes and dancing. Have fun as the night fades into the next day of celebration at the boardwalk.

Carnival in Cozumel

Dance the night away in Cozumel




The state of Sinaloa, in the northwest of Mexico, hosts a celebration that differentiates from the others by the Banda music. Most importantly, the tambura drum calls its celebrants to lose their inhibitions. Then everyone is free to become part of the tradition.  Activities include music concerts, live performances, flour and confetti fights.

Carnival in Mazatlan

Party in Mazatlan




Definitely the most joyous as well as one of the most important carnival celebrations in the world. The party consists of six parades, live performances, dance troupes, and cheerleaders. Delight your palate too with the traditional dishes, while enjoying the Danzon.

Carnival in Veracruz

Party in Veracruz



Therefore, if you are looking for a party like no other with unlimited fun, then you don’t miss these spectacular celebrations in our beloved country. Finally, are you planning to spend the carnival in Mexico? Where are you planning to enjoy the celebrations?

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