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Mexico´s is top for Romance Travel this February.

If you are a fan of romance travel, put Mexico at the top of your list!

In this article, Lomas Travel invites you to discover the trendiest romance travel destinations throughout Mexico. Read on and you`ll also discover how to make huge savings on your bookings.

In addition, for each of our top destination picks, there are also travel tips for all the activities that will undoubtedly add an extra sparkle for couples.

Riviera Maya tops the list for romance travel

Amongst the top nominees, Cancun and the Riviera Maya are both paradisiacal destinations in the Mexican Caribbean. Both have the power to ignite the flames of passion. Furthermore, you´ll discover the most beautiful beaches in Cancún and the Riviera Maya. Their beauty is beyond compare. Thanks to their proximity to Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and various Magic Towns. Traveling to this destination is a magical experience.

The Riviera Maya is the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway this February. Soft sugar sand beaches and crystalline turquoise waters are enough to make anyone fall in love again and again. Cancún and the Riviera Maya continue to be the number one most visited tourism spots in the world.

Romance travel at Maroma Adventures

Put some va va vroom into your love life at Maroma Adventures

Maroma Adventures has a dozen activities specially designed for couples. Watersports galore and land thrills will give romance seekers the sparkle they crave.

Alternatively, Cancun´s Underwater Art Museum is an idyllic romantic underwater hideaway for all those that love to dive. Couples can explore different types of sculptures, surrounded by turtles, fish and corals.

Finally, the best days to fly into Cancun international airport are Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Select early morning flights. It pays to compare two airlines for round-trip flights. This will save you at least $400 Pesos.

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Mexico City

In contrast to all the coastal beauty spots, Mexico City is at the heart of Mexico´s romance travel scene. For couples seeking romance, there are so many activities that you can do in a weekend. You`ll find for instance, theatre, sporting events, concerts, mixology bars as well as specialty taco eateries. Besides that, Mexico City hosts the world´s second largest number of museums in the world.  Despite the city´s huge traffic issues and scale, it is without a doubt a location where you can find and do everything.

Famous for:  The Palace of Fine Arts, the Zocalo, the Revolution Monument, the Angel of Independence, the Latin American Tower, The Blue House, to name but a few.

Best kept secret: Few sites are steeped as much in history as Tlatelolco. The ruins of what used to be the most important market in the Mexican empire are part of the so-called Plaza de las Tres Culturas. There you will find the different historical and constructive stages of the country: pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern.

Romance Travel

Tlaltelolco´s architecture stems from three different historical stages.

Lomas Travel tips

Museums are free on Sunday. To avoid the crowds, try to go as early or as late as possible. It is more relaxed and you can see everything calmly.

Best time to book: One month in advance. If you are flexible in the days you can find flights from $ 1,300 MXN.
Best days to fly: Monday through Thursday. On weekends prices peak and will cost upto $400 MXN more.

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Tijuana has become a popular destination for Mexicans thanks to its proximity to the border. Many travel to Tijuana and from there cross the Cross Border Xpress. The distance from San Diego and Tijuana is about 30 minutes. When you go to Tijuana, make grilled beef tacos and burritos a must on your itinerary. On Revolution Avenue you´ll find many alternatives.
Cheapest time to go: February, May and August. In Febraury there are fewer visitors, making this a great time for romance travelers to visit.

Lomas Travel tips

Visit the border wall of Tijuana in the sea. Given so much controversy, pain and hope, it is a place that has marked the history of Tijuana and Mexico.

Tijuana, U.S.A. Border fence in the sea

Tijuana, U.S.A. Border fence in the sea

Best time to book: 1 month in advance could sabe you upto $1,500 MXN on a round-trip flight without stops.

Best day to fly: Wednesday or Thursday. Avoid flying on Friday. Flights tend to cost upto $800 MXN more.

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In conclusion, we have presented the best destinations in Mexico to celebrate romance. Lomas Travel offers the best deals for romance travel. Book now and discover why Mexico is one of the world´s top trending destinations.

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